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This is a useful list of organisations that can help with travel insurance/travel arrangements. When planning a holiday, travel insurance is an issue that can present some obstacles for families of disabled children. Many people have travel cover potentially included with a service they already use, such as car insurance, a membership subscription or a bank account, but they have looked in the small print and found that pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Here’s a short list of companies you might want to look at for more information. Some of these companies only cover for certain conditions. Listing these companies does not imply that GPV recommends any of them. Please make sure you check that they are suitable for your needs.

Accessatlast Ltd.

Access Travel, specialises in travel with wheelchairs.
AllClear Insurance Services
Antur Insurance (South Wales)

Fish Insurance
Fogg Travel Insurance Services
Freedom Insurance
National Autistic Society autism-friendly holiday insurance
P.J. Hayman & Co. Ltd., a group of specialist travel insurance companies, each covering different requirements.
Pulse Insurance

A holiday advice organisation that may know of other insurers is Tourism for All.
Government advice about travel with disabilities, which includes insurance, booking, taking medication abroad, law, access, finance, airports and so on.

Other things worth thinking about in advance include:

For travel in the UK, the National Key Scheme for access to toilets for people with disabilities (not all toilets are kept locked, but for those that are).

For travel in Europe, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is needed. These cards should be free of charge, but they go out of date, so if you already have one it is worth checking that it will still be valid when you travel.

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