Tower Hamlets Independent SEND Parents Forum

Tower Hamlets Independent SEND Parents Forum

About Us

We are Tower Hamlets Send Independent  Parents forum we are Pan Disability. We work with both families and professionals to Provide a range of consultation opportunities & Events as part of this work we signpost families and professional to appropriate services.

We represent the collective voice of parent/carers in Tower Hamlets. The Aim of Our forum is to Work with local partners to deliver change and better services for families to feed up local issues to create a national picture of SEND need, issues and provision and to Feed down & Share national & local information to keep parent/carers informed of their rights, of legislation and of good practice. Giving parents the opportunity to talk to other parents and make your voice count towards a better future for all your Children.

We ask forum members to attend events and workshops where possible to hear the latest on the SEND issues. Get the chance to meet a range of professionals and understand services. Receive regular Information can be found on twitter page and we are in the process of developing a website and a newsletter. Access the Forum twitter group @ThsendFor Facebook page Tower Hamlets Send Independent Parents forum for updates and information look out for coffee and consultations popping up near you. 

If you would like us to attend a coffee morning or consultation please contact us, The same applies if you would like to attend our events please get in touch  / 07498573872

We believe you have a stronger voice when you act together be part of the solution.

About Us

Our Vision

Tower Hamlets Independent SEND parents forum  will be a well informed, connected and empowered community of families of children with Pan disabilities or additional needs, offering support to each other and working in partnership with service providers and Local Authority to create quality services that meet the needs of all parent carers and their children.

About Us

Our Mission

Members of Tower Hamlets Independent SEND parents’ forum will work collectively for all families respect each other’s views & make best use of one another’s skills & resources. We aim to provide opportunities for parent carers to influence the decisions that affect their families and to contribute to developing services that meet the needs of their families

Forum Rules

Our forum is open to parents, carers and practitioners to share information and ideas. We welcome all participants. Please note our policy rules and ensure you are registered and logged in to interact with other users.


No offensive content


No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming or advertising


Admin decisions are final


Please be nice

Jargon Buster

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA) have a great document to explain the many acronyms in this world of special educational needs and disability (SEND). You can download it HERE or courtesy of IPSEA Jargon Buster.
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